About Us

Hello to you! Thanks for taking some time to see what’s going on here on our website called Eatmybananas.com. I am so thrilled to share I’m not a one-man team anymore. Two of my friends, Talah (short for Tallulah) and Cheska have agreed to join me in my food adventures. So watch out for their posts soon. 🙂


What you have here are a bunch of crazy moms who love bananas. Why shouldn’t we love them? Bananas are delicious. They’re so versatile. You can mash them. You can blend them. You can eat them as they are. Heck, you can even fry them.

Now that doesn’t mean that this website is all about bananas because it’s not. This website is pretty much about anything that crosses our minds.

We just want to share with you our random thoughts on food, health, and just about anything we feel like sharing … that’s worth sharing … of course! No drama here. Just wholesome fun and happy thoughts. 🙂

Enjoy and smile. That’s what you should when you’re on our site.

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