Castor Oil: Is This The Secret Super Long Eyelashes?

Castor oil is so popular these days. Women are trying it out as a natural solution to growing their eyelashes and hair.

Does it work? Apparently, it does. Just as long as you use Castor oil and not Castrol motor oil , okay?

Here are a couple of castor oil beauty products that a lot of women are raving about these days. Click on the photos more information.

From ₱95.00 to ₱83.00
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Organic Beauty Lab Castor Oil 10ml

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Castor Oil 50 ml By KDAE Cosmetics

From ₱250.00 to ₱130.00 
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Beauty Secret Castor Oil 60ml with FREE 10ml Mascara Tube

From ₱680.00 to ₱300.00
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