Choobi Choobi In Cebu

Sounds funny, huh? Well, Choobi Choobi is a name of a restaurant. The first time I saw it was in Cebu. I thought it was a local restaurant but apparently, it wasn’t. They have already extended to Manila and to other places in the Philippines.

Their food was really good last year. it was pretty affordable as well. Since our hotel was in Lapu Lapu, Choobi Choobi was pretty near us. So it was AA Barbeque and Choobi Choobi galore for us.

Lazada PhilippinesLast weekend, we were back in Cebu. Yay! So, we decided to go back to Choobi Choobi again. We wanted check out their latest addition to their menu as seen in the photo below.

Unfortunately, the shrimps weren’t very crunchy. As a matter of fact, we had to use scissors to open them up. For the price, it was quite disappointing.

However, their scallops  are still good. They were a good match with the rice we ordered.

Lazada Philippines

I would still go back to Choobi Choobi if ever I go back to Cebu. After all, it’s very near our hotel. Since they always recreate their menu, it’s good to see what’s new.

Lazada Philippines

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