Mila’s Tokwat Baboy Is To Die For

Tokwat baboy is a classic Philippine dish. It’s usually served as an appetizer but there are times when it’s served as a main dish as well.


Tokwa is basically bean curd. It’s made from soy milk that has been coagulated. The curds are then shaped into rectangles and voila …you have tokwa.

Baboy is pork. For the tokwat baboy dish, the ear part of the pork is the main partner of the deep-fried tokwa.

The tokwa and the baboy are combined with soy sauce, onions vinegar, and chilis. Together, they burst into an orgasmic flavor of joy. Joy for the tummy but not too good for the health. But hey, it shouldn’t be too bad as long as you eat this particular dish once in a while, right?

The thing is, if you end up in Mila’s Tokwat Baboy place, you’re going to have a hard time avoiding this flavorful dish. If you want to eat the best tokwat baboy, you gotta go to Mila’s.

The one thing about the usual tokwat baboy is that it’s good, no matter where you eat. It’s a dish that’s perfected by Filipinos so it tastes good everywhere it’s served. But if you want the best of the best, then you have to go to Mila’s Tokwat Baboy in Angeles City, Pampanga.


A Well-Kept Secret

A handsome friend of mine, who is also married to one of the timeless beauties of the Manila scene (naks naman!), has been recommending Mila’s Tokwat Baboy for the longest time. Finally, we were able to find some time to drive to Clark, Pampanga.

We thought Mila’s Tokwat Baboy would just be right outside Clark but no. We ended up driving right into the heart of Angeles City to find what was to be the best tokwat baboy ever.

Even if it seemed like we were lost, everybody seemed to know where Mila’s Tokwat Baboy was. Basically, it’s a straight drive along Mac Arthur Highway and when you see Honda Motorcycle shop, you make a left on Santo Domingo. It’s a gated community but you can enter the village hassle-free. Then you will see on your right paradise…Mila’s Tokwat Baboy.

They really serve fast. No doubt, they serve the best!

Mila’s Tokwat Baboy started out in their garage. Now, it occupies more than just their garage. There’s an enclosed area that’s powered by an air conditioner. There’s also an area where it’s not. It’s your choice where you want to stay.

Tokwat Baboy Is Just One Of The Yummy Dishes

We had already planned our menu, thanks to our handsome friend. So we went for the tokwat baboy, pako salad, and chicharon bulalak.

Our orders came FAST so we dug in. Gosh….I have never eaten such yummy tokwat baboy in my life. And the chicharon bulalak? It was amazingly wonderful because it wasn’t just crunchy …it was really super fluffy. Unlike the usual chicharon bulaklak where the pieces are small and sometimes hard and chewy to tackle, Aling Mila’s version is wonderful to indulge in. And yes, we did indulge.  Actually, we over indulged. So we ordered pako salad to neutralize the sinful dishes.

The best “organic’ dish …the best chicharon bulaklak ever!
The famous tokwat baboy of Aling Mila and it’s to die for.
Got to eat some veggies. Their pako salad is a must-try.

Once Is Not Enough

Aling Mila’s servings are way too generous. We couldn’t handle to add more to our order. The sisig and lechon kawali would have to wait for our next visit. That was the most logical thing to do…at least, for our health.

So we waited and went back the day after. Since we couldn’t wait any longer, we went back in the morning, at around 8 A.M. We wanted to have sisig for breakfast and we did.

Aling Mila’s sisig is a lot different from the usual sisig. For starters, it doesn’t need any more hot sauce or kalamansi. It’s pretty tasty the way it is. Second, it’s finely shredded.

The best part about going to Aling Mila’s in the morning is meeting her in person. Yes, we met the famous Aling Mila and she is amazing. Such a gracious hostess.

It’s hard to believe Aling Mila is in her early eighties.

While we were eating our sisig and pako salad (got to eat veggies), Aling Mila came to our table to give us plate of freshly fried chicharon and leche flan. Wow! We were so honored and you guessed it. Her chicharon is to die for (literally …if we eat it all the time!) and her leche flan is creamy but not sweet at all.

Breakfast time means sisig time …just this once, okay?
Thank you Aling Mila for the free chicharon.
Super yummy leche flan. Courtesy of Aling Mila.

All in all, our visits to Mila’s Tokwat Baboy are very well worth it. BTW, we still weren’t able to taste her barbeque dishes and lechon kawali. It was too early in the morning and those dishes weren’t prepared yet. That gives us another good reason to visit Aling Mila’s Tokwat Baboy SOON!

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  1. Mila’s in Pampanga is definitely worth the trip. I’ve been there a couple of times and the place is always packed. We had to take a table in the area where there wasn’t any AC but that was okay since their food made up for it.


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